It was last summer. She was ready to go out and to hang around after a long time. She had forgotten everything about the crash.

After the SpaceX revolution, everything has been changed fundamentally. Space was parcelled between powerful countries. SpaceX not only created reusable rockets also had found out new business areas/fields. Space mining, space mapping, space trash cleaning, nuclear trash burning services in the Sun, colonization services for countries… Because reusable rockets going back to the main/backup base and are being used again and again.

It is a new space race between countries and private companies. Space tickets are cheaper than buying a new car and many people have been going around the Moon for the weekend holidays. She had a ticket for 2215-03-02-12-05 Huston-Moon-Mars connected flight.

In fact, every rocket carries two or three shuttles. After the final separation shuttles use different routes and first and second stage rockets go back to the world.

When she got into the shuttle, a Chinese girl was sitting on her chair. Asayo said “hi” but she answered in another language and she couldn’t understand anything. They turned on the earring translators and greeted each other again. She realized the situation and apologized for it and changed the seat, then introduced himself. Her name is Sisi.

Everything was very well. Sisi insisted on getting a drink before the flight. It was a good idea to became relaxed. A half-hour later, the launch procedure was started and they had just finished their drinks. 15 minutes later, they were miles away from their homes. After separation of the last stage, the shuttles were on their way.

Everything was looking good but all off a sudden, the shuttle changed direction an and started to go back to the world. Everybody got stressed but Sisi was scared. She looked to Asayo tearfully “Are we going to die?” Asayo wasn’t stressed and tried to describe the situation. Something could be wrong and the shuttle was turning back to the World.

The landing was horrible. After 25 years the space shuttle had fallen off the world. They helped each other and went off from the shuttle. They landed on a steep bend.

Asayo opened her handbag and got rehabilitation cream. Her leg had swollen and Sisi’s knee had been wounded. It’s a kind of biotechnological cream and helpful for many cases. After finding out the cream, nobody needed stitches again.

Sisi and Asayo were looking at the deep sky and their holidays had been spoilt by that accident. She looked at Asayo and said:

– “I bet that was my last space trip.” Asayo laughed quite a bit and turned her face to the moon and said:

– “I bet I will do it again because I have to go around my boyfriend.”

5 hours later, at midnight they were rescued by a rescue company.

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