If I spent one month living with the Amish, it would be the craziest things I’d do. Also, If I were an Amish teenager I would escape from plain Amish life to modern and mainstream life.

In the past, I used to live with my grandparents in the highland. In fact, they were living as self-sufficient as the Amish people and they were close-knit with their sibling and families. They had sheep, lambs, cows, horses etc. They haven’t got electricity and modern equipment but they manage it. They didn’t escape from modern life inventions they just run their plain life on their lands. It is unlikely that they lived a very different life from our lives.

Maybe Amish life can portray how our grandparents lived and survived in the 19th century before our life was taken for granted with modern medicines.

If I didn’t like interfering with, like with a phone call at midnight, I could turn it off. But I can’t draw back my life as a caveman.

Maybe one day someone might write a story about two people: someone suffers from drug addiction and escapes to an Amish village to get a new cleaner life and another one, born in an Amish village escapes to California to be a traveller.

İf you like a really simple life, you don’t need to be Amish. For example, if you visit Africa, you can see a lot of people poorer than an Amish person.

İf I were an Amish person, I would fight to open high schools and universities. In my opinion, education is obviously more important than being self-sufficient agriculture and farming.



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