Ramazan Holidays is a very special holiday for me. Everyone visit their parents and relatives during this holiday. I used to visit my aunt and she used to give me pocket money. Once, I went to visit my aunt for a week.

Once, I went to visit my aunt for a week. One day, I was looking around and a big boy stopped me and took my money with a big politely. He told me “Give me your money” and I gave up, because he was bigger and stronger than me. Then I returned to my aunt’ home with a big fear but I couldn’t say anything to her. I played with my cousins. Then, one day, my aunt gave me some pocket money and I returned home happily; because our home was farther than 40 kilometres.

I think I was too shy when I was at secondary school and I never talk her about this story.

I was working as a system manager for a publishing company in 2013. I fell into a fight with my best colleague, then I left my work. I bought a one-way ticket to Thailand. I did not have a plan at all.

I met with my Turkish friend in Bangkok Airport and we went together to Laos. He was working for a Turkish company in there. They opened their house to me. Two weeks later, I returned to Thailand without him. We were dated to meet again in Bangkok just ten days later. But, because of some reason, we argued a lot and then we never see each other again.

I went to Malaysia over Thailand and lived there 7 months. I was wondering to visit whole South Asian and Far-East countries. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do it. My plan is still on board and alive in my mind. A want to use that route: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia (especially Aceh), East-Timor, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia (Sabah region), Brunei, Philippines, Taiwan, China (Shangai), South Korea Offcourse last stop Japan 🙂

Before the 19th century, women right was very limited and they didn’t have protection. After much effort, they secured some common rights: child custody, choice, abortion, equal pay.

* In 1839, Carolina Norton was a rich woman, after her divorce, she lost control of their children. She fought to take their children custody and won it.

* In 1928, under leadership of Millicent Fawcett women gained full right of choice.

* In 1968, women workers started a strike to gain “equal pay for equal work”.

* In 1979, Margaret Thatcer becomes the first women Prime Minister of U.K.

I used to work in a bookstore. It wasn’t a stressful job but I had to deal with people and I had to work long times without rest.

It wasn’t a well-paid job and we didn’t have a job security. There were no perks, no regular bonuses, no long holidays and no annual pay rise. They never paid my any salaries on time and fully. After 10 years of loyalty, I fought with my best friend and I resigned in 2013.

After that, I started to work with a freelance web development team. We had to work with a team for an agency. Unfortunately, it had a lot of schedule pressure and a wide variety of customer requests. It wasn’t a boring job because boring was only for idle people! We had to be creative and “think on our feet” and the customers always had some criticism and some different (mostly stupid) ideas.

I’ll never forget, a little web project lasted 6 months and I was travelling to three different countries.

My parents were born same city (Giresun) but they grew up in different villages. Also, they moved to Istanbul after their wedding. Their hometown is very far away from our home.

When I was young, travelling options were very limited to their villages. Firstly, we had to go by bus to Giresun and that would take us about 18 hours. Then we used to hire a truck or lorry to reach the village. So travel was very uncomfortable and dangerous, because of rough road and steep cliffs. We used to use a truck crane to travel. I think we were like refugees.

My Grandparent used to live in the highlands until end of the autumn. That means we had to walk or ride a horse to reach there by using historical pathway, and a historical bridge. The landscape was amazing and the forest was very beautiful. My Grandparent’ house was top of a hill among forests and partly moors.

tarivermiş yaylası, giresun gümüşhane sınırı

I still remember some memories of them. In the first night, I was waiting in the bed before asleep. She talked to me and asked me: “Why aren’t you sleeping?” And I told her: “My mom told me: Don’t sleep without drinking milk!” And she gave me a glass of milk to drink with a big smile.

My grandfather was hard-worker and he always pushed their children to be clever and active. I never saw him doing nothing. He was born 1930 and he had 12 children! He used to have more than 100 sheep, approximately 50 lambs, more than 15 cows and bulls, horses, mules… He was very open-minded and creative person also hospitable. He had two houses in the highland and one of them was only for guest and visitors. He liked to repair his clothes. He has worked a tailor as in military service for two years. He had a sewing machine! Sometimes we used to make a little dam to swim and he destroyed it many times. I understood him many years later. He was trying to save as from flue and other diseases.

My grandmother was two years older than my grandfather. They got married when they were 15-16 years old. She always smiled and look after our parents. She was very kind and respectful. She was never rude to me. She always got up earlier before the sun to milk from cows. After breakfast, she used to heat milk to make cheese and butter. In the afternoon, sheep were returning from moors and we were used to milk together. It was real action to me because I was smaller than sheep. She, always loved children and gave them presents, chocolates, candies and big hugs. If she couldn’t find any sweet, she was giving a slice of bread with butter or cheese. Children were always happy with her. She was the mother of all the children in the highland.

My last meeting with my grandfather was 5 years ago. He had a heart attack. We went straightly hospital and he was in the intensive care room. Hospital didn’t allow us to join his room. I waved him in front of a door and he passed a few days later. When he died, I was sitting with my grandmother. We couldn’t tell him anything but she felt sick. We called an ambulance and doctor but village road was rough and dangerous. We went straightly to the hospital in the morning but, she was paralyzed in front of us. Unfortunately, she passed 6 months later, too.