Visit Cartagena

2 years ago, I went to Cartagena. It’s a historical and touristic city in Colombia. It’s really tremendous and colourfull. It has nice beaches and big high buildings. It’s definitely a unique place in the world.

If you go to Cartagena, I suggest visiting historical walls and historical churches and eating fish in Porton de San Sebastian restaurant. It has a really hot climate so you should wear easy clothes.

You can swim on the pearly beaches anytime. Or, you can visit Islas del Rosaria island to swim. The sea is as white as the sky and the island is so popular for scuba diving, surfing, swimming, dolphin shows. Also, you can taste very different fishes on the island. I ought to taste Mojarra or Bagre but you can also taste Bocachico or Cachama.

I had been there three times and I want to visit again as soon as possible.

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