My Boring Life

Unfortunately, I have a really boring life.

I have a shower every morning. I dry my hair regularly. I go to lesson every day. I clean my house and wash my clothes every weekend. I throw out trash three times a week. I always buy dairy products on Monday etc.

I don’t have a girlfriend and also I never drink alcohol. So generally I don’t have a reason to stay out late except night sightseeing. I enjoy sightseeing at summer nights and I do it alone two times a week.

I like eating out dinner with my close friends (and mates). Usually, we hanging out on Friday evenings and every invitation is very important for me. Sometimes I go to the English Cafe to practice English.

I like buying books and visit bookstores several times a month. I often buy books for myself and rarely for my nephews and nieces and occasionally just my collection. I like to collect books about Japan.

I’m an addict to read and I quite often read roughly 40 pages daily and normally I finish two or three books weekly. I bought some vocabulary and grammar books last month. I prefer to work slowly and contentiously. I get new habit in Malta. I used to dislike to read books in the bed but nowadays I fancy to read for a while before falling asleep.

I hardly ever and probably never watch football match also I really cannot stand very long (longer than our English lessons) TV series.

In conclusion, this is my dull life.

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